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Short Passover Seders – Free Online Pesach Haggadahs

How to find free online short Passover Seder Haggadah

If you’re like me, you probably don’t like those long, drawn out Passover seders.  Short and sweet is my preference.  Anyway, I’ve been doing a search for short Free Online Passover haddagas. Last year we had a seder at our house and we will probably have a seder again this year. My boys are still pretty young.  We want them to enjoy the seder and not be bored.  Here are a few Passover haggadas I found online that include all the essentials, but are also short and sweet.

Passover 2016 starts in the evening (sundown) of Friday, April 22.

Free Passover Haggadahs Online - Short Passover Seders

Who loves short seders?  Me! Me! Here are some free and cheap short online Passover Haggadahs you can find online.

Online Short Passover Seders

The Two Minute Haggadah – A Passover service for the Impatient – Ok, this is for those who cannot sit still for very long. This is very, very short and includes no Hebrew. For the 4 questions, one says, “What’s this whole slouching at the table business?”, just to give you and idea.

Bob Haggadah – Why have a 2 minute seder, when you can have a 5 second seder?  Bob Haggadah goes even farther, to create the ultimate short seder… 5 seconds!

10 Minute Seder, World’s Shortest Kosher Haggadah – This short Passover Haggadah is just 2 pages long.  Haggadah by Rabbi Yonah Bookstein.

The 30 Minute Passover Haggadah – this is more like a “real” seder than the 2 minute hagaddah.  Yet, it’s still not long enough to put you to sleep.  Warning – this one says it’s for Messianic Jews and gentiles.

Free Basic Passover Haggadah – free short Passover Family Haggadah. This intended for the most elementary Seder, perhaps for the less experienced leader or the family with young children.

Shortened Version of a Passover Haggadah – No need to download. It’s all on this one page.

Free Passover Seder for Young Children (4- 5 years old) – This short, family friendly haggadah is on  You don’t need to download anything.  Everything is right there on that page.

Updated 5773 COMPLETE TRADITIONAL HAGGADAH – Here is a complete traditional Haggadah in Hebrew, and reader-friendly English Translation and Transliteration. The format is that each section of the Haggadah is posted such that after download and printing you may edit your Haggadah for your Seder by including or excluding pages.

Oranges and Olives, A Modern, Interfaith, Family Haggadah – This one is 41 pages and includes music at the end.

dayenu passover song short passover seder music score

image from:

Haggadah with Coloring Pages – Get Julie’s free Passover Haggadah eBook with blessings, songs, Haggadah coloring pages and Passover recipes here.

An Incredibly Short Seder – This free very short haggadah for Passover begins with:

Step 1) Light some candles.
Step 2) Drink a cup of wine, the first of four.
Step 3) Ask Four Questions:

A Passover Haggadah For The Modern Family, But With A Traditional Feel – Free Short Passover Family Haggadah.  This one is 24 pages and includes songs and coloring pages.  There is no Hebrew print in this, just transliteration.


Short Passover Haggada template – This really is short.  It goes over the 4 cups of wine, the seder plate, and the afikomen. Although it talks about Elijah, it doesn’t include opening the door.  It briefly mentions the 4 questions and the 10 plagues, but does not discuss the answers to the 4 questions.  This haggada is good for those that want a really short service or that already know about Passover and can add a few points or explanations in addition to what is given.  (link not working now.  I’m trying to find out if/where it moved).

Free Family Passover Haggadah – This is a free pdf download of a family friendly haggadah. It’s lengthier than some of the others on here, but it does include all of the essentials and more. It has Hebrew, English, and Hebrew transliteration. There’s even a table of contents. This 42 page Haggadah can easily be cut and pasted to fit your own needs.

Create your own Passover Haggadah Online for Free

At you can browse clips (few lines of prayer, a commentary, an image, …) and paste it to your clipboard on the site. You can then drag and drop clips from your clipboard into your haggadah and rearrange the order, and edit the content of the clips. When browsing you can search by style (Reform, Orthodox, etc.) and search for certain keywords.

Places to Buy Passover Haggadas online

30  minute seder – I don’t know anything about this and did not actually see it for myself. It got good review on Amazon though.  You can download and print your own 30 minute seder for  $19.95 or buy the book, 30 Minute Seder for $6.95.

Passover Haggadas on Kindle – as a last minute resort you can always download a Passover Haggadah on your Kindle or Kindle supported phone or computer, but I haven’t found any free Kindle Passover haggadas yet.  The cheapest I saw is $2.99.

Kids Coloring Haggadah – My Very Own Haggadah. The ultimate children’s Haggadah. A child’s first seder service, with the story of Passover, an explanation of holiday symbols, seder blessings, and songs. Plus recipes, craft ideas, and Passover pictures to color. Ages 4 – 8.

Our family’s seder plate for our kid friendly Passover Seder 2013

Our Family Passover Seder Plate



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Short Passover Seders – Free Online Pesach Haggadahs

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    April 6, 2012, 1:44 pm

    What a great idea … WELL DONE! … I’m sure this page will get tons of hits – and deservedly so. I’d just suggest that while I’m 100% with your “concept,” you might (only might) want to suggest that while these are great ways to “get in touch” with the ritual without one’s eyes glazing over, one can certainly be creative and “accretive,” i.e., adding a little this year … and maybe a little more (or different) next year. (The old “now that you’ve heard Hamlet performed in 2 minutes, maybe you’d like to know what you missed in that 60-to-1 or more compression.)

  • Avatar for Cha Ching Queen
    March 19, 2013, 6:07 am

    Love love! Thanks! The 2 minute sedar made me and my mom laugh!! So we’ll be using that for a giggle! I was wondering if you know where I could find a nice colour in haggadah for my little angels. The Passover Haggadah for the Modern Family, But with a Traditional Feel link doesn’t work (the page is not available). Do you know of a similar one? I can only find ones for older kids. My 5 year old can’t write yet and the pictures I am finding are not great at all!

  • Avatar for Cha Ching Queen
    Michelle Rosen
    April 11, 2015, 9:33 am

    Hi Rachel,

    I loved this post! I used the ‘Oranges and Olives’ Haggadah for my own seder. I’ve blogged about it here:

    Looking forward to more of your posts!