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Pancakes with Eggs and Bananas Recipe – What not to do

Pancake Recipe with Just Eggs and Bananas – What not to do

Have you seen those pictures on Facebook of pancakes made with just eggs and bananas?  They are a great gluten-free pancake alternative.  I looked for the Pancakes with Eggs and Bananas recipe.  Most of the recipes I saw said to use 2 eggs for 1 banana.

Here’s what I did, so you know what no to do.  Most of the times bloggers post successful food creations.  I’m going to show you and tell you what I did so maybe you’ll have better success than me with the Pancakes with Eggs and Bananas Only recipe.

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I mashed up 2 bananas in one bowl and whisked 4 eggs in another bowl.  Then I combined everything into to the egg bowl and mixed it up some more.  My husband and I agreed that the batter looked really thin, so I added another banana.

I melted some butter on a skillet and then, with a ladle, spooned out 4 pancakes onto the hot skillet at medium heat.  The batter was pretty runny, so I tried to keep pushing it back into a somewhat circle.  The pancake was very difficult to flip. When I used one spatula, it made a big mess.  I ended up using a spatula in both hands on 2 ends of the pancake and was able to flip it better.  I placed the cooked pancakes on a plate, and started the next round.  Hint – use lots of butter between each round.  I did use butter, but it was not enough.  The pancakes burned easily.  I had a hard time getting the right amount of time and heat so that they would cook, but not burn.

A few of the pancakes came out looking somewhat like pancakes.  My kids refused to even try them.  My husband and I had a few.

They were definitely different.  They were more moist than regular pancakes and definitely pretty sweet from the banana.  I’m not sure if I would make these again.

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  • Avatar for Cha Ching Queen
    January 27, 2014, 3:04 am

    I have made these quiet a bit, you need to use a sick blender and blend one banana to one egg, cool on low heat, they turn out lovely.
    You can also make muffin type ones in a pie maker, I put a slice of apple on top and sprinkle with cinnamon, YUM!

  • Avatar for Cha Ching Queen
    Cha Ching Queen
    January 27, 2014, 11:36 am

    Thank you! I’ll try that next time.