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Do you shop at Amazon? You can find pretty much anything at this online store.  People go there to buy electronics, toys, books, music, movies, games, groceries, sporting goods, digital downloads, tools, home and garden items, and more.  The Kindle, one of the most popular e-readers comes from Amazon too.  But, do you know how to get Amazon coupons?

At check out I always see the box for “coupon code” and do my best to find some sort of promotional code or discount to apply before completing my purchase.  Amazon coupons and deeply discounted items can be tricky to find.

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Where to find Amazon Coupons and Promotional Codes

Amazon clickable coupons to add to your cart: On the Amazon Coupon Page, you’ll find clickable coupons for lots of different products.  The coupons are arranged by category.  To redeem these Amazon product coupons, click on the coupon and then add the item to your cart.  When you check out, the discount will automatically be applied.  It’s that easy! The coupons change frequently, so  make sure you bookmark the page and check back often.

Amazon Coupon Codes By Department: These are a little bit trickier.  I am unaware of a single page that lists all the current Amazon promotional codes within the Amazon site.  In order to find these hidden promo codes within Amazon, you need to do a little digging.  On the Amazon homepage, search by department and choose a category.  Within that category, there are often links at the top of the page.  Looks for “special offers” where you may be able to find discounted products with various promo codes needed to apply the discount.

How to Search for Amazon Coupon Codes: Here is another way to find those hidden promo codes within Amazon.  Use Google. It takes a few steps, but you can find the current Amazon discount codes to apply at checkout.  I have included a Google search box all set up and ready to go to make this as easy as possible.  In the search box below enter this whole phrase code at checkout. To narrow it down to the current coupon codes, click on “more search tools” (on the left hand side) and then “past week” (or whatever you decide).  You can get even more specific and enter code at checkout toys.


Amazon Coupons and Discounts

How to get discounts at

In addition to using Amazon coupons there are more ways to get discounts on your purchases.

Subscribe and Save: What a great deal! If you buy certain items regularly, go through Amazon subscribe and save. Not only do you save 15% each time, you also get free shipping. You can change your delivery schedule or cancel at any time.  A while ago,  I wrote a whole post about how great subscribe and save is.  Check it out at Amazon¬Save 15% Every Time and get FREE shipping.

Narrow Your Amazon Searches: Did you know you can narrow down your searches not just by price, but also by percent discount? Choose a category and then look in the left hand column for a variety of options.  For example, if you are looking for Womens Clothing on Amazon, you can choose to only look at items 70% Off or More.

Gold Box, New Deals Every Day: Each day Amazon offers a Deal of the Day and Lightening Deals.  Check Amazon Gold Box each day for great deals!  Some of the lightening deals sell out fast and are only offered for a certain amount of time during the day.

Amazon Decoder to Easily Find Discounted Products: Amazon does not make it easy to find the highly discounted products, but if you know how to understand Amazon’s URL coding, it gets a little easier.

Ok, here’s the basic Amazon URL discount code broken down…

red = Amazon category code, for example…

  • Books 283155
  • Movies and TV 2625373011
  • Music 5174
  • Video Games 468642
  • Electronics 172282
  • Grocery 16310101
  • Cell phones and Accessories 2335752011
  • Toys and Games 165793011
  • Furniture and Decor 1057794
  • Beauty Products 3760911
  • Television and Video 1266092011
  • Home Appliances 361395011
  • Computers 541966
  • Sports and Outdoors 3375251

green = percent discount.  You decide what percent you want to search for. I chose 95-99 (95%-99%).


How to get Free Shipping on Amazon

Most of the products on are sold by Amazon, though there are a few from third-party sellers.  Most of the products sold by Amazon offer free shipping on orders of $35+.  There are some third-party sellers that have free shipping as well either with or without minimum purchases.

Amazon Prime: For $99 per year (or about $8.25 per month), you get unlimited FREE Two-Day Shipping (as well as other benefits too!).

Not an Amazon prime member?  Get a free trial of Amazon Prime here.

How to Find Free Stuff on Amazon

Did you know you actually score quite a few free items on Amazon.  Most of these are digital downloads like music, kindle books, and more.

Prime Members: If you have an Amazon Prime Membership not only do you get free 2-day shipping, you get instant streaming of movies and tv shows, and access to free Kindle books.

Free Kindle Books:  There are different ways to get free Kindle ebooks. Get a Free Kindle App + Free Kindle Books on your PC, Phone, or Ipad. Also, the Amazon Lending Library is Free to Prime Members.  Here is a List of FREE Amazon Lending Library Kindle Books for Amazon Prime members.

Other Free Items on Amazon:


Here are some current Amazon coupon codes:

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How to find Amazon coupon codes, free stuff, and discounts